Dare I say the “r” word? Resolutions? For some this word is rife with challenge or full dismissal, a tongue-in-cheek way of saying you might change but don’t actually intend to do the heavy lifting required to make change happen. I personally don’t use the word (words have power), but I do engage in goal setting for myself and the new year is often a nice time to do this. It’s also the beginning of a new season and I like seasonal goals as well. For instance; last summer was “build a website.” :) This year I am laying the ground work for a movement goal that has eluded me for a few years now (gasp, she has movement issues?!)  – I’m going to ride my bike.

Since an injury to my back just over 10 years ago I have not successfully had a season of riding my bike. And, for background, I LOVE my bike. I love the freedom of sailing down a hill top speed. I love the burn of hill riding (once I’m fit enough to not have it totally gas me that is!). I used to be a bicycle commuter – a ride with fair elevation change, three times a week, in the dark, in the rain, you name it, on a purple Bianchi frame from the 1970’s. That was my favorite bike of all time.

The reasons that I have not successfully ridden my bike since then have to do with strength holes around my hips/pelvis and low back. A combo of lack of core strength, and lack of hip strength. These issues were unidentified. By that I mean, yes, I knew I had issues but what I thought I needed to do better was not actually what I needed to do better. The specific movement patterns that were a challenge to me on a bike were undefined. The correct exercises were not being done to address this in any format in my life. I made up theories in my head that were false. I kept trying. I got discouraged and stopped trying. Then would try again..

Why now? What makes me be so publicly bold today? I have confidence that the issues keeping me from my bike have been identified and that I am currently doing movement training (exercises, daily) to strengthen my weak links, to learn how to move well in this task so it becomes the effortless, fun, rewarding activity to do with my amazing body that it always was.

Identification of the SPECIFIC issues keeping you from your best life is my goal with every assessment I do. Treatment then focuses on rebuilding optimal patterns of movement and filling in the strength holes keeping your body from its optimal performance. Book today to get started reclaiming the things you have lost.