At Gillian McCormick, Physiotherapist we take your privacy seriously. I collect personal information to comply with the bylaw requirements for charting and documentation as determined by the College of Physiotherapists of BC. They can be found at if you desire more information.

I use an online system of storage for my charts where they store your personal information in a cloud storage format in Canada. This system is run by a local company named JaneApp which was created for physiotherapists, massage therapists, and related health practitioners. They have their own internal policies of protection of privacy which can be reviewed here.

I will not use your personal information for any purposes other than documentation as noted above and communication with you.  

Given that what we discuss during our sessions is guarded by a therapist-client confidentiality laws, be assured that nothing we talk about or do within a treatment session will be discussed outside of a treatment scenario. That said, we live in a small community. In the event of a public meeting I will take utmost care in protecting your privacy.

For Public Meetings:

  • I will not speak to you other than an appropriate polite greeting.
  • I may not make eye contact (easier to not accidentally divulge information if I pretend not to know you.)
  • If we know each other or have mutual acquaintances I will never tell anyone that I am your physiotherapist. NOTE: you may tell whomever you like that I am your physiotherapist.
  • I might even pretend to meet you for the first time if we are introduced by a mutual acquaintance.

This can seem strange when it happens. We may have just had an intense hour or many hours discussing and working on intimate things and then, poof, in public I seem aloof and removed. All an act necessary to ensure that only those whom you wish to divulge to know that you seek my services.