Are you an athlete? A weekend warrior? Involved in hours of training, competing at a national, or international level? Perhaps you are deeply committed to your local hockey or soccer team. Or you do circus – trapeze and silks and tumbling and while you may never do this for your job and you might not go to the Olympics, you love it, it feeds you and you want to keep doing it, keep getting better, keep reaching.

Whatever the sport or activity, I can help you get there. I like people who like to move. My 20 years as a practicing physiotherapist, knowledge of training principles combined with an understanding of what is influencing your system to create your present experience allows me to tease out the specific ways you can address the holes in your strength and movement patterns to allow for more efficient, structurally sound training. Better training leads to better performance.

I will teach and train your body to move better, and provide you with on the spot ways to tell if the exercises necessary for your training workouts are working for or against you. I will teach you ways to become self-sufficient in trouble-shooting and treating yourself. I will give you tools to help you self-progress your workouts in manageable increments.

I have worked with high school athletes, performers, weekend warriors and Olympic hopefuls to help them return to sport after injury, transition from one sport to a different one, manage chronic injuries and improve performance. I have liaised with multi-member support teams including coaches, teachers, sport psychologists, trainers and physicians. I look forward to partnering with you and your support team to help you reach your athletic and performance goals.