Baby, I’m back!

Update on my rehabilitation

My surgery went really well, and my recovery has been excellent. I am hitting the gym 3-4 times a week and hiking or walking every day in hopes to get back to full strength soon. If you want to follow some progress of mine follow me on Instagram @physiogillian or on FaceBook at Gillian McCormick, Physiotherapist.

New projects

Sometimes a step back from your busy life lets you see your world differently. I am excited by a couple of projects I’ve taken on in the last while. Coming soon to my practice is a remote visit option for those who cannot get to the clinic in person. And then, there’s the podcast. 🙂

Remote visits coming soon

Canada is a huge country. Pelvic Health Physio’s are rare indeed. Sometimes it is difficult for an individual to access the kind of care they need and deserve in their home communities. In an effort to bridge that gap, I will be adding the option for a remote visit to my roster. Clearly, this is not as ideal as an in-person session. There are things I cannot test or know without you being present. However, being able to carefully discuss your symptoms or challenges and provide education and strategies for management within your setting, including making recommendations on if you really need to make the effort to have an in-person session somewhere, can be a valuable service. Stay tuned for more as I get set up!

Small Conversations for a Better World Podcast

This is a passion project for myself and co-host Susannah Steers of Moving Spirit Pilates. We believe that the small, seemingly insignificant conversations we have everyday (maybe over a cup of coffee?) can be powerful enough to change the tide. We are interviewing thought-leaders, experts and influencers alike to try to answer the question “What is Health?”

Interviews are happening now and will be found in general release where ever you get your podcasts in late 2019.

Logo for Small Conversations for a Better World Podcast

Small Conversations for a Better World. – A Healthy World is a Better World with co-hosts Gillian McCormick and Susannah Steers

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