There are a couple things to know about Menopause that relate to reasons that menopausal women may need physiotherapy.

Menopause is associated with decreased levels of lean body tissues and increased levels of fat body tissue. If you are not sure, lean body tissue includes muscle tissue. Without muscle tissue we lose strength. Lack of strength in our skeletal muscles (the ones that move us, as opposed to organ muscles…that make our organs move) impacts us in many ways including contributing to poor posture, inability to do activities of daily living, and an increased risk of injury at lower thresholds. Lack of strength soon makes us feel less able to go out into the world. We begin to make different choices about what we do with our bodies, which can translate into not going out as much, not driving, walking, riding our bikes, gardening, travelling. We need strength to feel confident. We need strength to do our lives.

The reasons for this loss of lean body tissue are not well understood. Hormone replacement therapy has a positive impact on bone health, preserving bone density, but is not significantly linked with preservation of our lean body tissue. The best thing for preserving existing muscles, and for building new muscles, is progressive resisted exercise. We need to move. We need to push, pull, lift, reach, climb, crawl, walk, jump and run. We need to keep doing these things for as long as we can.

If you are peri-menopausal (at an age somewhere around menopause…but honestly, this time begins at around age 35 and continues until you have not had a period for one whole year) and wonder if you are strong enough, would like to get stronger but are not confident your body would tolerate new activity or are in pain so are certain your body would not tolerate a new activity or even an old one you want to return to, physiotherapy can help. Click the About button and the What to Expect button below to learn more. Book an appointment today!

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